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June- We tip out hats to the Horse Show Dads

Do you know an AWESOME Horse Show Dad? 

Much like that pony we all know and love, who teaches all the new kids in the barn the ropes of being a rider, these Horse Show Dads are worth their weight in gold! From helping with the daily chores, to being our biggest cheerleaders, ALL of the Horse Show Dads in our lives deserve a HUGE round of applause. 

Thank you dads, for being the bank accounts, our personal Show coat racks, our emotional support people, or sounding board, our shoulder to cry and everything in between. 

We LOVE you! 

Proud to promote the Alberta Equestrian Federation and membership program.

AEF offers so many rewards to new or seasoned horse people through out the province towards resources to find respectable facilities to ride, certified instructors, learning seminars as well insurance programs and so much more.

Check out their website today to learn more on how to become a member!!